Erimystax insignis Blotched Chub

The Blotched Chub was propagated by CFI to serve, along with the Streamline Chub, as surrogate species for the highly imperiled Slender Chub (see account). We were able to spawn and rear this species while housing it with the con-generic Streamline Chub. Both species scattered eggs over clean, relatively coarse gravel in our culture aquaria. Handling of eggs and larvae was relatively easy and the two species were easily separated within a month or so of spawning. Because of their relative ease of handling and rearing, we are encouraged that if we were ever to locate any of the Slender Chubs, we would be able to propagate them.

In 2021-22 CFI is getting to work with these again. We are propagating them for Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Center as a mussel host.