Etheostoma percnurum | Duskytail Darter

Since the splitting of the Duskytail Darter complex by Blanton and Jenkins (2008), the original Duskytail Darter, Etheostoma percnurum, is now confined to Copper Creek in southwestern Virginia. We do not have any propagation projects with the nominal Duskytail Darter, however, we have been involved in surveys to study the distribution of the species in Copper Creek. References in our older reports referring to Duskytail Darters could possibly refer to one of the other three species in this complex. Anything in Citico Creek, Abrams Creek, or the Tellico River is the Citico Darter, E. sitikuense. Anything is the Little River is the Marbled Darter, E. marmorpinnum. And, anything in the Big South Fork refers to the Tuxedo Darter, E. lemniscatum.