Noturus eleutherus | Mountain Madtom

In 2007, CFI accidently collected a Mountain Madtom nest while searching for Yellowfin Madtom nests in the Powell River.  These nests look virtually identical to Yellowfin Madtoms, so the mistake was fairly easy to make if you can't find the male that was guarding the nest.  We reared these little guys right along with the Yellowfin Madtoms.  


This is such an easy mistake to make, we did it again in 2012!  Oops!  We are happy to learn more about egg size and larval development comparisons when this happens though.  It really helps to identify younger Mountain Madtoms from Yellowfin Madtoms in areas where they overlap.  They are very similar looking madtom when they are small! Meredith Hayes is also going to utilize Mountain Madtom from nests we collected along side Yellowfin Madtoms in Powell River from 2015. Hopefully she will be able to learn what sort of secretions the males produce to help protect their eggs.