Noturus lachneri | Ouachita Madtom

The Ouachita Madtom was the only madtom from Arkansas to be captively propagated at CFI. International Paper funded an effort to determine whether this madtom species from the Saline River system near Hot Springs was relatively more or less difficult to captively spawn than other species that CFI has attempted. Three nests were spawned and the young reared with varying success to produce more than 60 young madtoms. These efforts reinforced previous findings that suggest that a wide range of variation exists in the ease with which different madtom species will spawn in captivity. Most upland species have proven more difficult than larger river and lowland species, although the reasons are still unclear. Many of the excess propagated individuals were utilized in 2008 for electrofishing injury experiments by Russ Bohl (University of Tennessee, Knoxville). In fall 2009, all surviving individuals (N=22) were transferred to the Chattahoochee National Fish Hatchery, GA.