Noturus furiosus | Carolina Madtom

This boldly patterned Carolina Madtom, Noturus furiosus, is endemic only to the Tar River and Neuse River systems in NC. Starting in 2018 CFI started housing both populations in hopes of establishing captive rearing protocols as well as creating an ark population. Throughout its range, the Carolina Madtoms distribution has become fragmented and reduced by dams and urbanization. Recent survey efforts in the upper Neuse River Basin indicate that this population may warrant a more critical listing than “Special Concern” within North Carolina. On June 8, 2021 the Carolina Madtom was declared Endangered Species Federally.


Conservation Fisheries Inc. received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife foundation to collected Carolina madtom individuals, juveniles and eggs and it is attempting to propagate the madtom in captivity. In 2021 CFI was very successful in propagating the species in the lab. The fish that Conservation Fisheries Inc produced in captivity were released into the wild to augment the current populations and expand the madtoms reach into historical habitat.