Etheostoma luteovinctum | Redband Darter

In 1999, we received a small group of Redband Darters from Chris Paxton.  Chris was working on his MS at the time through UTK and was hoping that we could rear these darters to help him document their life history. 


We were successful at spawning these little jewels and we found they had a unique life history.  Like their close relative the Rainbow Darter, they spawn late winter into early spring.  The larvae are also very similar to Rainbow Darter larvae in that they are truly pelagic only right after hatching for an initial swim up and dispersal.  They are then weakly pelagic near the bottom for a few days before they settle down and are benthic for the rest of their larval development.  Working with this fish gave us our foundation for working with the Rainbow Darters in 2010.