Notropis sp. | “Sawfin Shiner”

The "Sawfin Shiner", Notropis sp. cf spectrunculus, occurs in clear, high-gradient streams flowing over rubble, cobble, gravel, bedrock, or clean sand. Individuals are most often found in flowing and eroded pools at the base of riffles or downstream of snags. Etnier and Starnes (1993) report that tuberculate males from mid-May through July in Tennessee.


In 2003, CFI came across and odd cluster of eggs under a rock while looking for Citico Darter nests.  Curious as to what the eggs were CFI brought them back to their facility to raise them and figure out what spawned them! 


Low and behold we had baby Sawfin Shiners.  In 2012, several more egg masses were collected in hopes of feeding the larvae to the Diamond Darter larvae.  We currently have over 200 Sawfin Shiners and hope to spawn them in 2013 as a potential food source for the diamond darter larvae.