Ammocrypta vivax | Scaly Sand Darter

The Scaly Sand Darter is found throughout Mississippi in the Pearl, Coastal, and Pascagoula River drainages of the Gulf of Mexico Basin. They are also widely distributed in the Big Black drainage and the Bayou Pierre system of the lower Mississippi South drainage. Scaly Sand Darters are also found in the Hatchie River system of Mississippi. Sightings have been made in the western tributaries of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The species is also found from western Kentucky and southeastern Missouri south to southern Mississippi and west to eastern Oklahoma and Texas, and in drainage basins of the Gulf of Mexico from the Pascagoula River in Mississippi to the San Jacinto River in Texas. Its population trend is unclear but it is a common species with numerous sub-populations over a wide range and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as being of "least concern".


Conservation Fisheries has been propagating the Scaly Sand Darter in order to see if the larvae are a food source for the Diamond Darter larvae. Our fish were collected in the Black River, MO.