Welcome to our new website!

Above: A newly described species of Barcheek Darter ~ the Buck Darter (Etheostoma nebra) from Stewart Branch in the Buck Creek system in KY.

We are excited to be working with several new species in 2016. Added as "firsts" to Conservation Fisheries species list will be the Buck Darter, Barcheek Darter, Olive Darter, and Sickle Darter.

We are really excited about our new website also!! It's our pleasure to welcome you to our newly-renovated space. This will allow us to better communicate the goings on in the world of Conservation Fisheries. We're thrilled that you're interested in our mission to preserve aquatic biodiversity in the Southeast- hopefully this site will give you plenty of interesting photographs, videos, and other tidbits to keep you coming back for more.

Thanks for dropping by, and Happy New Year!