Better Late Than Never!

I should have done this much earlier, but... Happy New Year to all of our friends and supporters! We very much appreciate all of the support we have received over the past year....actually, over the past 30 years! Yep, we have been doing this for 30 years now! It honestly does not feel like it has been that long! So, I'm coming to you on this last day of 2016 to say, hey! If you have extra funds just burning a hole in your pocket and you're trying to decide on a last minute donation for that tax write-off.....we have just the organization that can relieve you of some of that burden! All you have to do is slide on over to our web site, look for that "Donate" button, and go from there!

These discretionary funds help us so much with equipment repair and replacement so we can do our work! We have seen some encouraging successes over the years and are excited to be taking on some new projects for the upcoming couple years! We could not have done this for 30 years without the continued support of you! Thank you so much! I have been really bad about getting personal notes out to our contributors, but I fully intend to get back on that!

Here's wishing for a safe, happy, productive New Year for all of you from all of us here at CFI.

Happy 2017!