Job Opportunity Announcement

Position Title: Hatchery Technician and Field Assistant

Full-Time Starting Salary: $28K - $33K per year

Benefits: Vacation starts out as 40 hours paid time off after the first year of employment with 8 hours accruing every year after that.

Application Opening Date: 10/11/2017 Closing Date: 11/27/17

Position Starting Date: 1/2/2018

Summary of Duties: The Hatchery Technician is responsible for the day-to-day care of the hatchery and husbandry of fishes housed at CFI. Duties include, but are not limited to: feeding fish daily, feeding and maintenance of live foods, water quality testing, water quality maintenance, record keeping and data collection, larval fish care, and providing feedback to the Hatchery Manager or CFI Directors for any issues or general observations. In addition, the Hatchery Technician will share responsibility for keeping the hatchery and its equipment clean and in working order. Mechanical skills and plumbing skills are a plus, but can be trained. The applicant must have the ability to safely lift up to 50 lbs (buckets of water, bags of salt). Due to three tier rack systems, applicant must be comfortable with working daily with ladders and accessing 3rd row tanks for feeding and tank maintenance. Hatchery Technicians will have the opportunity to serve as Field Assistants and will be called upon as field assistance is needed; however, this is not primarily a field oriented position. Field work will consist of primarily snorkeling and occasionally seining, so sight identification of fish is a plus, but can also be trained. Field work may also require the ability to hike into sites with backpacks, hike up streams, or potentially boat to sites via kayak or canoe. If applicant is not already knowledgeable about native fishes it would be advised they become acquainted with field identification of Tennessee River Drainage fish species. CFI also works some with the Upper Coosa River Basin and the Cumberland River System, but not nearly as frequently. A standard 40 hour work weeks is typical, but hours required can vary depending on hatchery load or field work. Work weeks over 40 hours may be required during peak times. This is a salaried position, so there is no overtime pay. Weekend availability is also required, but a shift bonus is given. Weekend time is broken up into 1-2 shifts per day, each consisting of 1-4 hours depending on time of year (winter feeding is much shorter).

Qualifications: Biology or fisheries related undergraduate or graduate degrees are not required, but may be considered a plus when weighing applicants as well as assessing pay grade. Pay grade is also influenced by general experience with fish husbandry as well as experience with native fishes. Applicant must realize that even with experience keeping (and maybe even raising) fish extensive training will be necessary. Given most of the fish we work with are Federally or State listed their husbandry is specifically adapted to their needs. Applicants should have open minds to others ideas as well as well-developed communication skills that allow them to get along well with other employees. Applicant should be aware that this is a position that requires ability to work in varying temperatures as our hatchery mimics outside temperatures including cooling (upper 40s low 50s) during the winter for the purpose of conditioning our fish.

How to Apply:

Please e-mail your 1-2 page resume along with a 1 page cover letter explaining your qualifications, career goals, and fish experience to:

Crystal Ruble

Facility Manager and Senior Field Biologist and Coordinator