CFI Event Whites Creek Palooza 2018

Please come join us this weekend! And, look for our next event at River John's Island on July 28th. I'll post info on that soon!


Below is from our host, Steve Scarborough:

OK folks, it's that time of year when we come together and play in Whites Creek with a 100 or so of our closest friends and celebrate all the good things Conservation Fisheries Inc has done for the fishies this year. Come out and swim, snorkel, eat, look at fish with people who know what fish you are looking at, enjoy some good music and some adult beverages and rub some of that good CFI karma on yourself and feel good all over for the good thing you are helping with.

We'll feed you some good barbecue with beans and other sides (we have veggie fare as well if you let us know) and there'll be a reasonable amount of excellent beer though we suggest you byob just to be sure there's enough to go around.

So far the water is very clear, even with a few storms hitting most days. The mountain camelia is showing off and will be in full just for us (most folks have never seen this rare native Tennessee tree) and the rhododendron and silky azaleas are hanging on just for us.

It's $30 for adults and kids big enough to eat like adults. Smaller kids are between cheap and free.

The GPS address is 680 Black Creek Road Rockwood TN 37854.

Google says this is how you get here:

For you old fashioned folks take exit 347 off I 40, south through Rockwood to Black Creek road (12 miles). It's 3 miles past the junk yard, famous Rockwood landmark at hwy 70 turn off. DON'T turn on 70!

Continue past the junk yard to Black Creek Rd. It is on the right and has the only railroad crossing arms you will see. Wind around Black Creek Rd for 1.8 mile and you'll see a new clear cut on the left and our gravel drive goes UP the hill on the RIGHT. We actually have a new sign on a tree that says 680. If you get to a chain across the road you have gone a bit too far. We'll try to have signs but who knows. We'll park as many cars in our driveway and field as we can and then park along the paved road.

Limited camping is available (let us know!)

The home number is 865-354-4363. RSVP as we have limited space and food. You can pay when you get here or pay on the CFI web site. Just donate $30 and put "Palooza" in the comment section:

What else?