Erimonax monachus | Spotfin Chub 


The Spotfin Chub was the fourth species to be spawned successfully in the Conservation Fisheries Hatchery as a part of a restoration program.  Once one of the more widespread species in clear upland rivers throughout the upper and middle portions of the Tennessee River system, Spotfin Chubs have suffered a serious decline in both abundance and distribution.


Their sporadic occurrence and declining population densities have resulted in their placement on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service list of threatened species.  We are propagating this species for reintroduction to Abrams Creek and the Tellico River, using parent stock from the Little Tennessee River in North Carolina.  We are also propagating offspring from Emory River parents for reintroduction into Shoal Creek in south-central Tennessee. Reintroductions into Abrams Creek were suspended after 2001 because no recruitment was observed there and the general consensus that the unimpounded portion of the stream was likely too small to support the species. Stocking began in the Tellico River in 2002 and reproduction was first documented there in 2006 and continuously every year since 2008. The project is still in the early stages in Shoal Creek with the first releases in 2007. Wild reproduction with recruitment was observed for the first time in 2011.